Monday, January 26, 2009

proud mom of 8 year old phenom

Miles taking his first jump over the firepit/3rd time going down the hill (Skete and/or Hanna made a ramp of snow on it). It was a mistake going over it, we both cheered and screamed in disbelief.
Miles' second jump over the firepit (4th time going down the hill):
Midway down the hill before accidetally hitting the jump:
Getting to flat ground:
First fall:
Happy about learning his "favorite new sport".
Skete gave Miles his old snowboard from when he first learned how to snowboard. Miles used it twice on a snow hill at Kim and John's yesterday. When he got home from school today he asked if he could go and try it on the hill behind our house. He went down 4 times in front of me and he always made down the hill and at least 10 to 20 feet past the bottom before sitting on his butt. Someone needs to teach him how to stop instead of having to sit down when he wants to finish. Ben and I are so proud. Next up: boots for snowboarding (he is wearing regular boots). I am excited! My baby is growing up!


Hanna said...

He is doing so good. Awesome!

kadyhexum said...

Cory needs to fix the bindings because it's set up for somebody who is right-foot-first.

Kelly said...

dude you are way awesome man!

kadyhexum said...

p.s. I'm SO PROUD

Karley said...

geeez, almost doing better then me :p