Wednesday, January 14, 2009

murphy vs. the bowling lane

Murphy had a field trip to the bowling alley today at school. As soon as they get to the bowling alley Murphy runs away from his PCA. He runs out onto a lane and the PCA follows him. Of course he slips and falls because of the oil on the lanes. When Terri (the PCA) gets to him he is trying to stand up and he says to himself, "Friends, we are all done!"
I am laughing, but also feeling really bad for not warning them by telling them our past stories of the bowling alley. The last time we took him to the bowling alley in Blaine, he ran down the carpeted side part where the employees go to get to the back where all the mechanical bits are. Then he went into a lane and crawled under the robotic parts and knocked down all the pins before I got to him. The big deal about this is that it sensed they were knocked down, so the robotic thing started to go, but I got him out just in time. Luckily the alley was completely packed and the record player stopped and did that scatching sound, and the whole place went silent and everyone watched as I tried pulling him out, so it was horribly mortifying and embarrassing.

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kadyhexum said...

We had a fun time at the bowling alley one time, me holding him tight so he wouldn't run onto the lanes, him pants-less because he got them dirty and I had to wash and dry them in the bowling alley bathroom.