Friday, January 16, 2009

just a couple of little things

All day today Miyo has had a beard. No, not for real, and no, not even a dirt one. She has been pretending that she has one. I pointed at her forehead and told her it was her face, she said, "No, that's my head." My bad. So I pointed at her face and told her it was her face and she said, "Yeah." Then she held her jaw in her hands and said, "That's my beard." She even brushed it with a brush at one point.
Today I was checking to see if she pooped so I held her shirt up and looked down her backside. At that moment she jumped and swooshed through the air, ending about a foot above the floor while parallel with it, looking face down. We were both shocked and started laughing. Thank goodness I had a good hold on her clothing, otherwise I think it would not have ended with laughing.

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kadyhexum said...

sort of like Tom Cruise. Mission impossible? Suspended in air? hilarious.