Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new and better lyrics

Shene thought that the Depeche Mode song, 'Your Own Personal Jesus' was, "You're wrong, pass it on, Jesus." I have been mercilessly laughing and making fun (as per usual). Until she reminded me that I thought the song, 'My Father's Eyes' was "My Father Died." And she told me I should have known and thought it out better, because the lead in was "I looked into my father's eyes".

Monday, August 3, 2009

murphy the exercisinest boy ever

Murphy is having the best summer ever. Bike rides, swimming, hot tubs, hikes, feeding fish, parks, the zoos, the water park, motorcycle riding on a farm (yes, seriously), riding horses, the library... Constant running around. When he is here, he runs for the back yard and plays more, that bunny from the Energizer commercial has nothing on him. Luckily the constant exercise and exertion equates to the above picture at night.

i'm missing miles lately

Miles has been completely missing from our lives since twins (a boy and girl) who are just a year younger moved across the street. Even if they play over here, they are in his room or in the back yard. I'm, guiltily, a little bit of excited that they are going away for a week so Miles can reconnect with us and play with his siblings (Miyo is lonely this summer, Murphy is always out and about with PCA's and activities). Don't get me wrong, they are awesome kids, we really like them. If anything, I wonder if their family is wishing Miles would go home? (hee hee).

miyo is into the word "canadian" (I don't know why)

Miyo was walking around with a yellow hair band. She told me, "He's Canadian, he's my friend." Later she was in 'monster-mode' with her hands like claws, crouched over a little with knees bent, "Rar! I'm a Canadian!" I blame her visit to Kim and John's in Northern Minnesota, which really means: Skeeter or Hanna.