Sunday, January 18, 2009

murphy book lover

When I got Murphy off the bus today he tried to jump from the top of the steps into my arms. He always does this, and sometimes I'm quick enough to tell him to just walk down the stairs, while physically helping guide him down. Today I made him go down the stairs properly. The bus driver told me, "Yeah, he does that to the teachers too." I literally laughed out loud. I always think I have these things with Murphy that are cute, some times inconvenient, but that most others don't understand. Apparently he doesn't just save it for me.
Today at school the teacher said he tried to write his name with no hand over hand help. She could make out the M ph y. How cool is that. Once, last summer, he wrote his name in chalk on the driveway and did pretty good at it, but it rained the next morning. I have been kicking myself ever since that I didn't take a picture immediately.
I know I like to complain a lot, and I should really try to stop. But today I am a little bit sad and I need to vent. While Murphy was at school I cleaned up his room. Which was all books. He had them everywhere. I am always picking them up. Which I don't mind at all that is not what I am sad about. After he got home he brought me to the book shelf and put my hand on it. I asked if he wanted me to read him a book. No answer. So then I asked if he wanted a specific book. He said, "Baby book?" So I handed him what I thought this meant. He took it and placed it on the chair in his room. Then he said baby book again. So I grabbed a book that I made for him with pictures of the family in it. He set it on the floor, and said it again. I think maybe he was asking for the 'Baby Signs' board books that we have, but I couldn't find them. So then he asked for "Brown Bear?". We have two board books, so I took them both out and he layed them on the floor, then he asked again, "Brown Bear?" So I thought maybe he was talking about the fuzzy brown bear book that is about a bear that doesn't take baths. I can't find it anywhere. I looked over the book shelf three times. I looked in his bed (he usually has a whole library in there). I looked under couches and in Miyo's room, under the book shelf, in the mud room. I looked in my bed (he wants to make that a library too). I cannot find that book anywhere. The point of all of this is: I don't even know if that's what he wants. I don't know what to do. He is all sad and crying while chanting, "Brown Bear?" And he cannot be put off, you can't just offer him a different book. He literally has hundreds of books, that is one of the sure-fire things he loves, you just can't go wrong buying him a book. He even has two of each of his favorites (one for each hand, ha ha).
I don't know why I am obsessing about this, but it just makes me really sad. So today I am sad.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will help, but the fact that you obviously have the desire to give him what he wants shows that you are an awesome parent. You are doing your best and that is the most important thing. Jacqui

Mom said...

Oooooooh, Kasey, I am reading this at work and blubbering all over my desk.

kadyhexum said...

I really really really like this picture of Murphy. (I think I took it?)