Wednesday, January 14, 2009

miyo is the devil, either that or she is in cahoots with him

This is Miyo's Place. The fact that she occassionally let's Miles or Murphy in there is shocking. She uses it for her babies or purses or dishes. I use it when company comes and I throw the toys laying on the kitchen floor in there. It used to be your run-of-the-mill kitchen cupboard, but she kept emptying it to play in there, so I took the hint and put my things elsewhere. She also uses it when she has to "woohk" or go to "skoo". She puts on her backpack or uses a little case of Miles' that is like a mini briefcase. Then she says, "Lub you, see you, bye bye, hab good day!" Then she yells, "PISS!" (her word for kiss) and says, "shut door". Then she opens it and I ask her if she had a good day, to which she always says yes. Then we do it again. And again. And again...

Here is a run down of Miyo's day (and therefore mine as well):

Middle of night (1 or 2 am): get into bed with mommy and daddy.
Middle of night again (3 or 4 am): loose pacifier or blanket shifts or both, wake up mommy and/or daddy to help find and/or fix.
6am: cried and woke up mommy to get "chocate miwk"
7am: go back to sleep (in her defense, she is sick)
8am: wake up because mommy and boys are up getting boys ready for school
Before noon:
paint kitchen floor with yogurt and 3 new tubes of chapstick
write on mommy's grocery list and hands and arms with blue pen
unroll last 1/8 of toilet paper
unrap [unused] (thank god) tampon and take it apart
leave tampon pieces in several areas of the house
stuff q-tips into toothpaste tube
rub mommy's new face moisturizer onto clothing and bathroom counter
change clothes 3 times (in my defense she was supposed to be sleeping when some of this happened)

I can't even remember everything else, but at bedtime I was up to my elbows in baking powder paste scrubbing Miles and Murphy's wall under their lightswitch and above her bed in her room. Miles left out his pencil from doing his homework and her radar zoned right in on it.


Sarah said...

I love the picture, Miles looks like a hostage.

Anonymous said...

Kasey, thank you for always being so stinking honest! After the McDonald's story, the bowling alley story, the toothbrush story and today's list of Miyo's hijinks, I am never complaining about my kids again. Love, Jacqui

Anonymous said...

totally sounds like my day, except you left out the part about wetting the bed around 3am, and emptying five boxes of 1000 piece puzzles onto the floor and "stirring them together like supper" and using shampoo to clean the house. Ashton and Kristelle tag team me. gotta love it! - Nikki

kadyhexum said...

Sounds like Nikki needs a blog!