Saturday, January 31, 2009

miyo's getting older, getting funnier

I took Miyo to the playplace at McDonald's a while back and I keep forgetting to blog about the hilarious thing she said to me. She was pulling my arm to go into the playplace. I said, "Sorry, but I am not going in there." And she looked at me all concerned and sweetly said with a sad voice, "Oh, you too tight?"
She recently pointed to herself and said, "I'm you best friend." So cute. When I asked if she wants to watch tv recently, I asked her if she wanted to watch Dora. She said, "No, Dego." When she sees Ni Hao Kai Lan, she spends the whole time saying, "ni hao".
When I say that we are going bye bye she says, "MCDONALD'S? Oh, that sounds like fun!"

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