Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm done feeling sorry for myself and back to upbeat

I have decided to try to knit a blanket. I am knitting 40 x 40 squares of different patterns and colors and then I am going to sew them together in a 4 x 4 pattern. I will have the same four colors throughout the whole blanket, but then I think I will edge and sew the squares together in a different color. Here are three finished squares and the fourth square that I have started. I am hoping to actually keep this up and finish it, we'll see.

I was making a dish rag when I ran out of yarn, so I sewed the ends together and made myself an arm band. Then, when I had better yarn I made Miyo a little mini one that I think is adorable. I am going to try and make her little leg warmers as well. In the picture it is really dark, but you can make it out on her wrist.


Kelly said...

Nice nail polish. Cute arm band. I like Miyo's best.

kasey said...

i knew someone would comment on my bad manicure. it's supposed to be earth friendly w/o the harsh chemicals. So that means it doesn't stay on at all. Funny thing about that, I wash my hands so much that it doesn't matter-eveb the bad stuff never stayed on, I don't know why I bothered.