Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Miles' Fun Writing: 'GROSSWARS'

ONCE upon a time in a far away Galaxy. Puke was Finaly a Jedi Knight And gat his new Fartsaber. he Was so HAPPY! I've got to go tell Forta Puke said to everyone. Have Fun With that said opie bun ballonie. then the Roillel Mawo came in it onley Was SpeeKing Jibrish [this is where he drew chinese-looking letters]! I think its dieing. little did they KnoW the Mawo said Mango Fat Was AtacKing Fartin 4. then He came in With His Fartblaster. Unfinished bississ doppie bun ballonie. [more chinese-looking letters]. SPOZZbaF Ho Ho Ho. PPPPPppttttttt OOOAAHHH you stink. Said doppie bun ballonie

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

little baby sweetheart

Why is it that Miyo licks the peanut butter and jelly off and leaves the bread? Maybe she is watching her carb intake?

Tommy was reading Miyo a book, Ben saw the picture and asked if it was a baby dolphin. Miyo said, "Yah! Good job Daddy!"

I think I'm pretty unique in this, but I hate telemarketers. When they call I hand the phone to Miyo and walk away. Last night she finally listened to one and tried to hand me the phone when they asked for her mommy. I whispered, "No, it's for you." So she got back on the phone and talked again. Then she started yelling, "No! I talk on phone!" Hilarious.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Miles' Narative: 'Class Field Trip'

You think Feild trips are Alwese fun Well think Agian. One day in coon Rapedes i was having A graete day At least i thoat so we had a Feald trip coming upin 35 minuts. I was so! exited! We Were At Recoes Aren't you exited! the Feild trip is in 2 Minuts it Was tim to go in the buses Arived. yahoo! I saud to MySelf. its time to go yay. yay. yay We Went on the bus it took us 2:00 hours to get here. OH Who the Hek cares Were here And thats all that Matters yay i geuss your Right ha. theres people EveryWhere My Friend Jim said Fire!! everybody Ran Away ha, ha, ha, ha. Nice one I said With a capital O. ha, ha. We said Again. There was A huge barn coverd in spider Webs there Was A lot of Spiders onit. Were going in there We shouted AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were out AHere Me to We Want Fredom We Want Freedom We said over and over Again We Went to lunch AAAAhhhh What Are they trying to do to us Kill us. I dont Kngw What the heck What Food Was Im Not even shoir if its food or not. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Want My MoMy. What? Nothing. SeoruSly Nothing. did you Just Say..Say ...say Phauzes you sead I want My MoMy! ha. ha, ha, ha.
WoW that Was... very unexpected. Phhghpaguzywx.
Ah. Ah. Ah. NO, NO, NO, NOOO, NNNOOOO!!! What the...good eye but thats too digasting. Ahhh... hay Woud you Mind. im trying to think here. tha...tha...thats A...A...A...A Flock of birds. ducK!!!!!! NO thats croWs. NO you ideit I Mean duck
You KNOW put your head down!!! ohhhAAhoWWWW.
OMG!!!!! N...NO I dont think so. it Was time to go After About 4 hours. We had the time of our lifes!" "yippee!" yey We get to go home! SO All of us lived happily ever After Well sort of. you get the idea.
the end until Next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

don't sweat it, yo.

I just got Miyo a free pair of brand new-never been worn-second hand Dr. Martens. Shene bought her a bunch of new clothes, and I found a pair of $2 leg warmers at Target. Anyway, I dressed her up in this get up and followed her around with the camera. She got sick of smiling and leaned against the couch all like, "What up?".


"Umm, hmm? Yoda, no, Battle On Daggoba."

Miles has been acting up in school so he is grounded from tv and video games for a week. It has been super cold/wet/muddy out and it gets dark at 4:30, so he has had less time outside too. It has been really cool to see him reconnect with some of his toys. He has elaborate set ups with his Star Wars and Transformers. And while I sit here and type I can hear him saying, in a deep evil voice, "Yes, yes, yes..." Then in a smaller high pitched voice, "What can it be? " Deep again, "Yes, yes..." High pitched, "What is it?" Deep, "Yes, yes...." Then his real voice yelling and mad, "Miyo, NO! Don't touch anything!" Back to his toys, "Master, are you okay?" He is going to really hate this blog if he ever discovers it's contents.
The title is what I asked Miles to name the picture. He just came back and told me he changed his mind, now he wants to name it 'Yoda, Battle on Yavin 4.'

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Miyo's new thing is adding "babe" to everything. "I wanna go outside, babe." "I want koolaid, babe." I want don't shut door, okay? Babe." She is recently requesting that the door not be shut at nap time and bed time, and needs to repeat this to me several times while getting comfortable as I kiss her and leave the room.

Today we saw Jim and Shene leaving Target as we were entering. Jim picked up Miyo and she was all quiet. Then she told him, "I sad." So later when I put her in her carseat, I asked her why she was sad and she said, "I cwyin'." So cute.

Friday, November 7, 2008

waking up to snow

I walked into the living room this morning and discovered that it snowed. Look who tipped me off:

I dressed Murphy earlier than usual for school and we went out played. He was in heaven. By the way, last night he lost his other top front tooth!! Super cute.
Then Miyo wanted in on it.

Miles wasn't to enthused at first:
Until he discovered that it was perfect for snowballs:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I bought Murphy a pirate ship today. I was worried if I could get him to notice it, let alone play with it. He came home from school and, as usual, tried to hop the fence to the backyard. I made him come in and tried to get him to look at it. No dice.

He went outside and played and played and messed around in the backyard as usual for hours, even after it was getting dark. Alason was with him, so don't think I let him out by himself all day long. Anyway after awhile he came in and ate a some cereal and a banana (instead of homemade mac n cheese with broccoli). I'm messing around doing stuff and then notice, not only does he realize it exists, he is looking in it's little nooks and crannies and pushing on parts and seeing how things work on it. I am super excited. I hope he keeps it up.

We had some friends over and they were all crowded in the kitchen and dining room. Murphy came walking through and we told him to say hi. He stops and says, plain as day, "Hello friends." I can't believe the strides he's making! I want to use more than one exclamation mark, I might even be thinking of using one of these :). I want the world to break out in song like in a musical. We may have all never met and rehearsed, but we just make up the song on the spot, and we all know the words and the moves of the choreography.

Miyo is a girl

Shene brought over some Nad's to "wax" off her forest-y growth. She was putting on the Nad's then putting on the strip and ripping them off and then reacting. It was hard to watch without tensing up. Miyo was around the whole time, but didn't seem to care or notice.

Kady and Alason and I were all crowed in my bathroom talking (Murphy was in the bathtub). Miyo came in and I set her on the counter between the sinks. I had a couple of Nad's strips that you can use for face or bikini area sitting on the soap dish. No one was really paying attention to Miyo, but Kady stopped and noticed. Over her pajama pants, Miyo put the little strip on her leg (without opening it to the sticky part) and pulled it quick into the air and said, "Ouch, ouch!"

Miles' brush with death

Miles, as usual, was climbing the tree out back. Murphy was even venturing a little higher than before. I was taking pictures of them, and noticing how the leaves were off of it now, so that I could see them better in the branches. Miles bent forward and grabbed a branch. I heard a crack and snapped the picture. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the branch he is holding safely guide him towards earth, slowing down gravity. The branch was like all the others, reaching for the sky. He fell a long ways. Thanks to the branch he didn't mash his legs into the ground like a kid mashes a crayon on a hard surface. It was so shocking we just heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the photo and nervously laughed.

Another good thing was he was wearing little gardening gloves, so he didn't cut up his hands.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Miss Miyo Mess and the art of the run on sentence

I was making Baking Powder Biscuits today. Miyo was playing in the little kitchen, slamming doors and tossing around little toy utensils. I had my hands in the dough and was kneading it on a floured counter so I could roll it out. I look up and see Miyo with a little play measuring spoon and my nutmeg, dill, cloves and ground mustard in a nice big pyramid on the floor. The empty containers were rolling around next to her. I have to say it smelled like delicious pumpkin pie as I vacuumed it up. When I told her we needed to get the vacuum out to vacuum it up. She ran, super-happy, towards the bathroom, singing, "Take a baf, take a baf!" Sucks to be her, because she didn't have any on her, so I didn't give her one.

But now I am realizing she must not only love making the mess, but also she finds no punishment in the bath that comes afterwards. Her life is so great. I however feel achey from hunching over cleaning it up, then cleaning her off, peeling of the dirty clothes without making more of a mess, putting her in the tub, and washing her off. And depending on what she was in, trying to get it out of her hair without having to shampoo her too many times.

On the bright side for me: she loves emptying the dishwasher, whether the dishes are clean or dirty. She loves talking on the phone and throwing it when I approach to hang it back in the cradle. She likes to empty her dresser drawers and put on as many pairs of underwear (that I bought for when its time to potty train) that she can get on. She loves to type hardcore on the keyboard and click the mouse and slam the pullout table they are on when I walk in the room. She likes to open my makeup and put my brushes in them and powder the whole bathroom counter. She loves to paint the side of the toilet and half the floor of the bathroom with a brand-new $5 tube of toothpaste. She likes to get under the kitchen sink and touch the icky things under there. She doesn't mind when I discover all her hairbands and barrets in all the cardboard middles of the toilet paper under the bathroom sink. She loves to take the mess of paperwork on the desk, page by page and throw it on the floor. She LOVES to scream a fake scream of anger when told no.

Her days are always busy, whether she's painting the counter with yogurt, or emptying Murphy's cereal on the living room floor and dancing on the mess. As I type she sits beside me slapping the telephone and saying, "Shut up." Then she screams shrill and long. Then slaps it again and says, "Shut up, shut up." Then she sings, arms wide, and turns on and off the printer. I think these are all the reasons she is my favorite girl in the whole world.

Miles' mom is not carl

When Miles was 4 he told me there was a new word for cool and that word was carl.

This morning I was reminded that I am just not carl in Miles' eyes. As he was getting ready to head out the door for school I asked him for a kiss. He quickly gave me one, continued putting on his backpack and headed for the door. I told him that I loved him and I thanked him for the kiss (he is getting older and no longer enjoys giving me kisses, but does it anyway, what a nice boy). He says nothing, so I keep talking (everyone knows I can't stop, especially once I've started). I tell him that kissing him is one of my favorite things to do. Silence. I tell him I love him again. Silence. I ask him if he loves me (because apparently I am deperate). He opens the front door and says, "No time to talk." The door slams and he runs down the driveway. I can't help thinking he is avoiding me.