Thursday, April 30, 2009

miles pulls the age old "wha? i'm sleeping"

The TV was on in Miles and Murphy's room and it was past bedtime (culprit: Miyo). Shene walked in and turned it off, so that Murphy would lay down and go to bed. Miles was noticeably awake. When Shene left the room, Miles pretended to stir and whispered, "Where am I?"

this is turning into a miyo blog-she's that crazy

Some of the things that came out of Miyo's mouth today:

This morning Murphy was laying awake in bed and I was telling him that it was time to get up and start the day. He had to get on the bus and go to school. I mentioned the time and again told him about school and he just layed there. Miyo was next to him (she hops in some mornings when they are all awake and giggling), so she elbowed him and told him, "It's time for shool! Maph!" I told her to be nice and calm down, we had time. So she looks at him with disgust and screams in his face, "It's two-five minutes!" Poor Murphy, his sister is funny when she's mean.

When anyone does stuff to her now she says, "Not cool, man." Shene taught her. It's extremely hilarious.

I was pushing her on the swing this afternoon and she told me, "It feels good out here." She was right, it totally did. I daydreamed a little and she yelled, "You hear me! Push me! You hear me!" Thanks for the please, little punk.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"my decorations"

(Miyo wearing Shene's eye sleep mask incorrectly)

Miyo is obsessed with the word "decorations" today. I left the room to fax something to Murphy's PCA company and Miyo yelled, from the kitchen, "Decorations! Come back here!" Then, later, she dropped her chicken nugget under the counter and she said, "Oh! My decorations!"
I don't know where she got it from, but I suspect Ruby & Max because they were coming up with some project and Ruby was too busy for Max... blah, blah, blah, world's worst show...

miyo tells only half the story

Miyo was climbing the bathroom counter while talking to Ben and I. She was acting sad with her head down and sniffing. She said, "Jim was mean to me. He said, I love you." We laughed and told Jim who said he was telling her he loved her while explaining that "no" she could not do something he was telling her not to.

i gave birth to this:

Lisa took Miles and Murphy to the 3D version of Monsters vs Aliens. Miles has been wearing the glasses he received around the house.

Monday, April 27, 2009

miyo big boss

(This picture is old, but I love it)

Today Miyo was telling Ben what to do. He didn't listen, so she issued a warning along with calling her dad, "Ben Hanson Kade!" Kade is Murphy's middle name (after my sister Kady). Apparently I use his middle name enough that she is into calling it out with our names too.

She and Murphy were playing in the backyard and she was yelling, "You are in big trouble young man!" I have never said that sentence in my life, I have no idea where she got it from. But it's hilarious anyway. She is really into calling me a "silly girl". And Ben is a "silly boy". At least she has the genders correct.

I was at Target with her shopping. The deal is: she can walk if she sticks close and listens, otherwise she has to get in the cart. Well, she never holds up her end of the bargain, so I was walking towards her telling her it was time for me to put her in the cart. She started running towards me yelling, "I want to listen to you!" She was pretty upset when I informed her that she took too long with her wanting and not doing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

miyo's boy (don't be jealous joe)

Yesterday there were some workers doing a repair on the roof next door. There was a little boy with them just walking around (three-ish). So I went over there after putting Murphy on the bus and told them that, as they could see from the roof: we have a swing set and trampoline in our backyard and he could play where they could see him. Miyo loved him, she was so excited to have a kid to play with that was her size. After a bit he went back over and she ran to me and asked, "Where's my nother one?"
The little boy was very shy and could not speak English. I asked him what his name was and he shrugged his shoulders. So I tried to get him to tell me by asking him, "Is your name... Xavier? ...Joaquin?... Bob?..." (if you aren't family, you might not notice that the first two are my cousins' names). He just laughed each time and shook his head no. When I talked to his dad he told me his name was Tony. So I looked at him and said, "Is your name Tony?" and he just laughed. He was so cute, the cutest little dimples. Anyway, I wasn't sure if he was having any fun with us, until it was time to leave. His dad came over and said it was time to go and reached for his hand. He moved away and hid his hand behind his back and said, "no". I was happy to know that he enjoyed himself. Miyo did not like that he had to go, but it was a good morning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm having baby cravings

I miss hilarious faces that are not made on purpose:
I miss how they can just fall asleep anywhere:I miss when their little behinds fit in the palm of your hand. And how they can sleep with their knees up and apart, the normal adult can't hardly do this awake:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

from benny and the jets to don't stop believin'...

(This was a different night, but a fitting picture)

Okay, so last night Ben and I went out and the kids stayed with their aunt. Miles spent the night with Tommy and Kim, and when I got home I forgot this bit of info and asked where he was (LOL). But I digress.
We did Karaoke last night! Here is our playlist:

Humpty Dance - Digital Underground (I screamed for him to "Take it off!" But he wouldn't)
Float On- Modest Mouse

Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

Kasey + Ben + Shene:
El Paso - Marty Robbins

Kasey + Shene:
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot (she knew every word-it was awesome)
Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks

This morning, my voice is killing me. I have gravel in my throat. Not only did I sing to my songs, I sang (or should I say screamed) along with every song I knew. There were only like 4 I didn't know. Three guys got up and sang Black Water and the whole place was singing along with the Oompapa oompapa oompapa mow mow. It was so spiritual (j/k).
A guy got up there and sounded exactly like Tom Jones when he sang Delilah. I got chills, I screamed to him that I wanted to have his babies.
Another guy got up and sang Superstition by Stevie Wonder and he was SO GOOD! It was like they were all professional karaoke singers.
Anyway, lesson for the day, I am going to force Ben to go back as often as I can, it was glorious. I LOVED IT!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my life, currently

Deadliest Catch is back for season 5 now. I cried tears of joy when Keith, from The Wizard, and his wife were on the phone discussing his not having mouth cancer. Then I cried tears of sadness over the fact that Phil from the Cornelia Marie couldn't go out with the crew and his son Josh was trying not to cry. Then I laughed with Sig and Edgar over Sig picking the short straw and having to bite the head off a fish, and him saying his coffee tasted like herring. Then I cried again when Keith went diving and bashed his head on the hull of the boat. It was very traumatic when the credits rolled and I realized I would have to wait a week to see what happens. I'm serious.

So then I caught up on my Sarah Connor: Terminator Chronicles. They killed off Derek! I was so mad! But then I felt better when John went back in time and there was Derek.

I watched Lost and love the informative story line. SPOILER ALERT: I got tears in my eyes (majorly) when Miles saw his father holding him as a baby.

Then I watched and deleted some Oprah's. I don't know why I started putting her on my TIVO. Sometimes I'm interested in previews for: why women leave their husbands for other women or how to teach your children about sex. But then I will watch the episode on why women leave their husbands for other women and... ugh. The ladies are pouring out their real life stories and she'll interrupt and tell you the title of an article in her magazine (not selling in this economy?) in a sing-song voice over and over again, then look to the audience for a "aren't I just the cutest" common bond applause.

So there you have it. I love TV.

email from mom: dad joins world via cell phone ownership

OK, so here's the thing...Hal now has his own cell phone. ###-###-####

If you call him, you are at your own mercy. Three things will happen: he will either think he spent his money wisely, or he will think he did not, and it will freak him out every time the thing rings.
Be patient. He wears it on his to his knife.

P.S. Don't leave him a message yet. He can't do it and I can't teach him everything at once.

He is very confused right now and pretty techno'd out. We also got dish network and he keeps pushing all the wrong buttons. Oh, and me? I get a little irritated, but it is kind of fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this one goes out to you Sarah

Okay. I have nothing to write about lately, except my terrible baking skills. Until: I remember Sarah's memories of my dad working at her high school. Well, her dad was my 6th grade teacher. I liked him a lot. I can guarantee you he did not feel the same about me. I was a terrible student and person at the time. Paul Costley sat behind me and my best friend Shanna was in my classroom (nuff said). I was loud and wanted everyone to think I was hilarious (a lot has changed since then).

I'm going to digress for a moment: Shanna and I once prank-called Paul Costley. We thought he wouldn't know it was us (we were in 6th grade, okay). She said something shocking on another phone upstairs in my house, so I said, "Shanna!" To which she said, "Thanks a lot, KASEY!" And then we, both, promptly hung up. Those were the days, I tell ya.

Anyway back to Mr. Lindahl. I thought he would think I was funny (and I think I was also trying to make Shanna laugh) if I winked at him during class and made sexy faces. I blew him kisses and raised my eyebrows from my desk at the back (it was probably 2 minutes worth, but in my mind I did it a lot throughout the day). He kept looking away and ignoring me (probably trying to avoid the perverse little 12 year old girl in his classroom). Well, nothing was said about it and I forgot about it (for the most part/although I was pretty proud of it in my mind). Until... one day I was kicked out of gym class (I don't remember exactly why? talking too much, not paying attention? being loud? all of the above?) and sent back to my regular class room. Mr. Lindahl was at his desk quietly working. I walked in crying (god, I hate myself), and sat at my desk. I'm sure he asked what was up, why was I there, what happened? I must have been confused as to my punishment because I remember him saying something to this effect: "What do you expect? You sit and make eyes and wink at me during class... You don't take anything seriously... You don't have respect... You're obnoxious..." Maybe more, maybe less. I don't remember the particulars. But to this day when I think about it, I just want to crawl in a hole and die. I imagine that when he hears my name, he thinks, "Oh yeah, I remember HER."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

attempt #3

The flash on my camera won't work. I want a new one. Anyway, forgot oil and vanilla during mixing and added when finished. Over mixed, so not very fluffy. But the cream cheese frosting was nummy.

I will get there ya'll. Mistakes are what will teach me... blah, blah, blah-I hope they start getting delicious soon.

attempt #2

Tried a different recipe. Forgot the oil and vanilla, remembered after they were in oven. I should really quit. They were like corn bread, okay. But not delicious. Edible = we are eating them.

Monday, April 6, 2009

attempt #1 = failure

Here are my disastrous little tries at cupcake making. I shouldn't have bothered with the icing and decorating at all. The cakes were both under/over-done (how is that possible?). I got the recipe from Nigella, it is not her fault... The book behind is the goal I'm reaching for. Maybe not the dogs on the cover, but definately the bugs and butterflies inside.

Miles took one bite and said, "These are AWESOME!" I laughed; a lot. I tasted one too, and his palate is no Colicchio.
So tomorrow, I'm going to try again...

miles is going to be a doctor for the ladies

I was telling Ben that I was starving! I joked, "Maybe I'm pregnant." And Ben joked, "Well, it ain't mine." And Miles from the back of the van asked, "Mom, I thought you had mamopause?"

We laughed and laughed, and Ben told Miles, she's only 30 (29 for a little bit more, thank you very much). Miles' reply, "What?" Not like, I didn't hear you, but like, "So."

miyo's bed

"Can you take-a piture a me?"
So I did.

Friday, April 3, 2009

nerd alert

I was just filming Miyo, but the unexpected star of this little clip is Miles' need for the limelight. My favorite part is his feet swinging through the frame.

miles never overacts

beautiful sunny day, perfect for dirtying little feet

miles: the cultural mathmatician

This morning before school Miles was telling me he wanted "Trrrrrrrrrrix". He was speaking with an accent and rolling his r's and gesticulating a little too much. I asked him if he was french. Disappointed, he said, "No. I'm Inspector Clouseau." I laughed and told him that Inspector Clouseau is french.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

good god

Ben sent this in an email about being the mother of boys. Ouchie.

murphy's sick of his usual, i'll find something else...

Murphy's note home from school today was: "Murphy won't eat the cheese....Does he eat it at home?" I had sent in string cheese and apparently he is all out of snacks except the string cheese I sent. LOL.

Reminds me of the time my childhood friend Shanna met him. She kept calling his name and he kept ignoring her. She asked, "Are you sure that's his name?"

just filled out this survey (took forever)

3 things about me:

Three jobs (ANY 3) I have had in my life
1.customer service rep
2.Vacation Home Cleaner (in the Florida Keys-huge, beautiful, on the ocean homes).
3.clipping my grandma's nails ($2 a pop, booya!)

Three phrases you shout during the day:
1. Right Now! (impatience?)
2. Murphy, come here! (rinse and repeat)
3. PEACE! (this is my phone 'goodbye', and yes I shout it, although I don't think it's really a phrase).

Three phrases you wish you heard during the day:
1.I'll get that for you.
2.Sup, chubby?
3. Recycled plastic bottles, or organic sustainable?

Three things I would do with more money:
1. decorate my brand new lake home
2. Put my kids in private schools
3. spend till the money was gone

Three things I love to do without money:
1. nap (long ones)
2. fill up inflatable pools in backyard in summer
3. play super mario brothers (i'm just being honest)

Three things Im interested in:
1. Books on Asia (fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, autobiographies, biographies...)
2. decorating my house (no one else's)
3. my kids

Three things I do everyday when i wake:
1. pull my arm out from under Miyo, so I can get out of bed, while rubbing the gunk out of my eyes
2. Murphy's morning routine; peeing, dressing, brushing his teeth, putting on winter gear (currently), getting him outside for the bus (prying whatever food he has in his hands away so they'll let him on).
3. Diaper and clothing for Miyo, while making a pot of coffee (or recycling yesterday's) and overseeing Miles with his morning routine.

Three things I do everyday that I wish I didnt have to:
1. Wipe poop off of butts
2. wipe the bottom of my foot on my opposite pant leg to get the crumbs off of it
3.wash Miyo and Murphy's faces and hands after meals, and remind Miles to do it (more than once).

Three places I've lived
1.St. Paul
2. Minneapolis
3. Newport

Three places I'd rather live:
1. Chinatown, CA
2. Berkeley, CA
3. Seattle or Portland (either, cause they are so close together)

Three shows that I watch
1. Lost (the last two weeks have blown my mind, of course... I say that every new episode)
2. Ni Hao Kai Lan (Miyo is actually watching, but I'm usually around)
3. Secret Life of the American Teenager (it totally sucks, I know. but I loved when ricky picked up the baby next to a sleeping Amy in the season finale!)

Three movies I love to watch over and over:
1. Kill Bill I & II (you have to count them as one)
2. Royal Tenenbaums
3.Dr. Suess DVD's (I don't know about love, but if Murphy's on a binge of DVD's I prefer these to Baby Einstein or Finding Nemo).

Three of my favorite foods:
1.Pot Roast
2. Chinese: Cantonese & Mandarin/Vietnamese/Japanese... (I can't just choose one type)
3. Bananas (but I think I'm allergic-seriously-I get an itchy tongue after that lasts a long time)

Three things i do on my day off:
(from my kids? cause I don't do a 9 to 5)
1. go out to eat
2. sleep
3.stare off into nothing....

Three places I'd rather be right now:
1. Las Vegas (never been)
2. Mexico (never been)
3. watching my kids play in the summer sun (mmm...)

Three things i cannot live without
1. Ben
2. my babies
3. chapstick

Three items in your closet you need everyday to survive:
1. slippers
2. pajama pants
3. a bra

Three people you admire:
1. Nancy Morris
2. Alason McFarland
3. Nigella Lawson

Three people who message me regularly
1. shene
2. shene
3. shene
She knows I'm not really a text-er (I once lost my cell for 3 days and found it under Murphy's bed), so she never expects me to get it for sure- for sure.

ben says she gets it from me

my favorite gift ever (don't stop trying guys)

Meet Konishiki and Takamiyama:
When we were at the wharf, before we boarded our boat for whale watching, we looked in the little shops. We went into this place that had tons of theme salt and pepper shakers. I saw these little-big guys (above). I showed Ben and, stupidly, asked if I could buy them (instead of just purchasing them). It doesn't take a cashier at McDonald's to figure out that he didn't want to waste our money on salt and pepper shakers (because he is a punk). I was disappointed, but told the shop lady I would be back. I let her know I planned on harping on him during our 2.5 hour boat ride. I figured he'd cave, or I would be a Jezebel and take matters into my own hands.
Well, while we were waiting at the pier, the gal we were staying with (for free), who shuttled us around the Bay Area (from Sausalito ,to Pittsburgh, to Monterey, to Berkley, to Chinatown...), handed me a package. She said, "Will you hold this?", and then did some things with her backpack. After a while I remembered I was holding it and I said something to the affect of 'oh, I've still got your bag, here you go'. She says all nonchalant, "That's yours." I officially fell in love with her, kinda like how I fell in love with these two (who magnetize at the belly to become one!).
So, yes, I'm now complete. I don't think anyone could be happier. Serious.

i'm not only the mom, i'm also a client of the hilarity

Last night Ben was watching a Youtube video about the Oakland shootings on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The man reporting was black. Miyo was with Ben and she said, "Why you watchin' my Bawok Obama?"
Last night Ben's sister Lisa was talking about a guy who was desperate for a date. Miles said to me, "If you were really cold and hard, you would date him and make fun of him, and then never see him again. Or maybe that's just Hanna." I laughed and then he told me, "Like, you know how people say, 'or maybe that's just me'."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crazy miyo 2 by 4 can't fit through the kitchen door

I am, again, at home with Miyo while the boys are at school. She is even funnier than I remembered her from a week ago. She keeps saying, "I hafa ask you a question." And then she doesn't ask me any questions. Sometimes she doesn't even say anything at all after.

She handed me a Capri Sun, so I took the wrapper off the straw. She took the straw and put it in her mouth, and made me punch the straw into the juice bag with the other end still in her mouth.

Last night Miles did something to her and she yelled, "You are in big trouble, man!"

Everything is "Hey Mom!" now.

She found the camera and pointed it at me and said, "Say cheese." Then later Miles was looking through pictures on it and she told him, "HEY! You don't touch mama's cramera!"

While I am typing this, she asked, "Oh, are you clickin'?"

Two weeks ago, she got out of bed and we heard her slippers padding to the living room, when Miles got out of bed and started to walk behind her. From the living room Ben and I heard her yell at him, "You get back in bed!"