Tuesday, January 6, 2009

murphy the sledding champion

Murphy's teacher gave me these pictures of Murphy sledding at school. I love them. I finally got up the energy to scan them onto the computer (it took 3 minutes to scan, weeks to procrastinate). I have them on the bulletin board above our computer along with his "fireman" art. I love how happy he is. I'm glad he is enjoying school.
Yesterday when he came home from school I asked if he wanted to play in the backyard. He started to take off his boots, so I figured the answer was no. So I helped him completely dismantle his winter gear complete with snow pants. I asked him what he wanted for a snack or if he was thirsty. He headed straight for the backdoor, put on his boots and tried to open it to go outside. I was so sweaty putting him back in his clothes and then Miyo wanted to go out too, so I had to dress her (socks and pants) and then get all her gear on. I should have Madonna's gross muscle arms with all the physical labor with these two. The cute thing is that Murphy took each sled down the hill. So after 3 of them he went for the 4th, that Miyo just so happened to have spent her last 10 minutes digging out of the snow. He grabbed it and went down the hill, she didn't even care, she just kept happily swishing her arms in the dent it had left in the snow. I am glad they live happily along side on another most of the time. Murphy kept pausing to eat ice chunk snow. Thank goodness no yellow snow back there.

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