Thursday, January 29, 2009

funny miles quotes i almost forgot about

Miles was doing crazy math problems. He was learning about money concepts. PROBLEM: Jeremy makes money for an allowance doing such and such chores, how much money did Jeremey make? Laura earns an allowance of $5 per week but has money taken away for not doing chores, she forgot to make her bed twice....blah blah blah. Third question is going to make someone some money-you choose who...Ben, who helps with math homework, says "Let's use Laura, because she lost some money." Miles' response, "She had her chance."
Miles' math homework is enjoyable to him, because he loves money. I say, "Yuck, I hate homework no matter what." He says to himself with a smile, "Dirty, sexy money."


Sarah said...

Is that a string of little tiny fish he's holding, or is it a bunch of copulating snakes? If it is the first - cute, if it is the second - gross! He's going to be your little Alex P. Keaton. (Remember, from Family Ties? or are you too young?)

Hanna said...

That was Miles at our house and it was me and Skeeter and Karley and David and we went to our gravel pit and cought snakes because it is full of them. Miles was too little to catch any but he wanted to hold them so we got an old watering can and filled it with about 20 snakes and then we took it to the house and had Miles hold all of them and then we made every come outside and look and it was awesome and all the moms and stuff were freaking out.

kadyhexum said...

I enjoy the polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top, with the color flipped up.

Alex P. Keaton, yes.

anna said...

All good snake hunters put up the coller. Keeps the snakes from biting vital veins.