Tuesday, January 6, 2009

4am hijinks

I woke in the middle of the night because I had to go to the bathroom. This is Miyo pushing Ben into his 1ft. area on the very edge of his side of the bed. I was so comfortable. I had the queen sized portion of the king sized bed all to myself while Ben was smooshed into a area the size of his side. If he turned over in the middle of the night he would have fallen out of bed. Kids are the very reason for our buying a big bed, they are always crawling in with us. Ben and Miyo nose to nose is the best part of the picture.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Ben! River shoves me into the twelve inch square area on the upper left hand corner of my bed on a nightly basis and holds me there by planting her skull in my ribs. I'm looking forward to sleeping when I'm dead. Your dear cousin Jacqui from Texas (ask Kasey who I am)

Ben said...

Before this she sleepily walked into our room, kinda whining, saying " where's my nigh nigh? (her pacifier). I saw it in her mouth, but I asked her "you can't find your nigh nigh?" she said no, so I said "let's go find it". We went in her room, I grabbed her blanket and stopped and looked at her. She looked at me, furrowed her eyebrows, grabbed her pacifier out of her mouth, and said "I find it!!"

P.S. Thanks for the sympathy Jacqui