Thursday, April 30, 2009

this is turning into a miyo blog-she's that crazy

Some of the things that came out of Miyo's mouth today:

This morning Murphy was laying awake in bed and I was telling him that it was time to get up and start the day. He had to get on the bus and go to school. I mentioned the time and again told him about school and he just layed there. Miyo was next to him (she hops in some mornings when they are all awake and giggling), so she elbowed him and told him, "It's time for shool! Maph!" I told her to be nice and calm down, we had time. So she looks at him with disgust and screams in his face, "It's two-five minutes!" Poor Murphy, his sister is funny when she's mean.

When anyone does stuff to her now she says, "Not cool, man." Shene taught her. It's extremely hilarious.

I was pushing her on the swing this afternoon and she told me, "It feels good out here." She was right, it totally did. I daydreamed a little and she yelled, "You hear me! Push me! You hear me!" Thanks for the please, little punk.


kadyhexum said...

When I was over the other day she was talking and talking and I'm pretty sure I heard in there:

"Murphy" and "big trouble. big trouble"

Kim said...

I LOVE that girl! I wish she was mine.