Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crazy miyo 2 by 4 can't fit through the kitchen door

I am, again, at home with Miyo while the boys are at school. She is even funnier than I remembered her from a week ago. She keeps saying, "I hafa ask you a question." And then she doesn't ask me any questions. Sometimes she doesn't even say anything at all after.

She handed me a Capri Sun, so I took the wrapper off the straw. She took the straw and put it in her mouth, and made me punch the straw into the juice bag with the other end still in her mouth.

Last night Miles did something to her and she yelled, "You are in big trouble, man!"

Everything is "Hey Mom!" now.

She found the camera and pointed it at me and said, "Say cheese." Then later Miles was looking through pictures on it and she told him, "HEY! You don't touch mama's cramera!"

While I am typing this, she asked, "Oh, are you clickin'?"

Two weeks ago, she got out of bed and we heard her slippers padding to the living room, when Miles got out of bed and started to walk behind her. From the living room Ben and I heard her yell at him, "You get back in bed!"


hanna said...

She had to ask us questions too.

Sarah Lindahl said...

I'd LOVE to see you putting the Capri Sun straw into the bag with the straw in her mouth. What a little rascal she is!