Saturday, April 18, 2009

from benny and the jets to don't stop believin'...

(This was a different night, but a fitting picture)

Okay, so last night Ben and I went out and the kids stayed with their aunt. Miles spent the night with Tommy and Kim, and when I got home I forgot this bit of info and asked where he was (LOL). But I digress.
We did Karaoke last night! Here is our playlist:

Humpty Dance - Digital Underground (I screamed for him to "Take it off!" But he wouldn't)
Float On- Modest Mouse

Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

Kasey + Ben + Shene:
El Paso - Marty Robbins

Kasey + Shene:
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot (she knew every word-it was awesome)
Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks

This morning, my voice is killing me. I have gravel in my throat. Not only did I sing to my songs, I sang (or should I say screamed) along with every song I knew. There were only like 4 I didn't know. Three guys got up and sang Black Water and the whole place was singing along with the Oompapa oompapa oompapa mow mow. It was so spiritual (j/k).
A guy got up there and sounded exactly like Tom Jones when he sang Delilah. I got chills, I screamed to him that I wanted to have his babies.
Another guy got up and sang Superstition by Stevie Wonder and he was SO GOOD! It was like they were all professional karaoke singers.
Anyway, lesson for the day, I am going to force Ben to go back as often as I can, it was glorious. I LOVED IT!


Hanna said...

Um...I forgot what I was going to write.

kadyhexum said...

Kasey, you probably will have to have that guy's babies. Now that you can't have Ben's anymore.


kadyhexum said...

Can't...or won't?

kasey said...

to steal leah's line: I hope he loves them like he loves his own. lol

kadyhexum said...