Thursday, April 16, 2009

email from mom: dad joins world via cell phone ownership

OK, so here's the thing...Hal now has his own cell phone. ###-###-####

If you call him, you are at your own mercy. Three things will happen: he will either think he spent his money wisely, or he will think he did not, and it will freak him out every time the thing rings.
Be patient. He wears it on his to his knife.

P.S. Don't leave him a message yet. He can't do it and I can't teach him everything at once.

He is very confused right now and pretty techno'd out. We also got dish network and he keeps pushing all the wrong buttons. Oh, and me? I get a little irritated, but it is kind of fun.

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Kelly said...

I wonder when he will start texting. 2019?