Thursday, April 16, 2009

my life, currently

Deadliest Catch is back for season 5 now. I cried tears of joy when Keith, from The Wizard, and his wife were on the phone discussing his not having mouth cancer. Then I cried tears of sadness over the fact that Phil from the Cornelia Marie couldn't go out with the crew and his son Josh was trying not to cry. Then I laughed with Sig and Edgar over Sig picking the short straw and having to bite the head off a fish, and him saying his coffee tasted like herring. Then I cried again when Keith went diving and bashed his head on the hull of the boat. It was very traumatic when the credits rolled and I realized I would have to wait a week to see what happens. I'm serious.

So then I caught up on my Sarah Connor: Terminator Chronicles. They killed off Derek! I was so mad! But then I felt better when John went back in time and there was Derek.

I watched Lost and love the informative story line. SPOILER ALERT: I got tears in my eyes (majorly) when Miles saw his father holding him as a baby.

Then I watched and deleted some Oprah's. I don't know why I started putting her on my TIVO. Sometimes I'm interested in previews for: why women leave their husbands for other women or how to teach your children about sex. But then I will watch the episode on why women leave their husbands for other women and... ugh. The ladies are pouring out their real life stories and she'll interrupt and tell you the title of an article in her magazine (not selling in this economy?) in a sing-song voice over and over again, then look to the audience for a "aren't I just the cutest" common bond applause.

So there you have it. I love TV.


Sarah Lindahl said...

Don't you just love the dialogue that Hurley gets on Lost? I spent the whole show last night laughing at everything he said.

kasey said...


kadyhexum said...

I tried so hard not to spoil it for myself. Haven't seen it yet.

So, Miles' dad held him as a baby, and Miles saw it, huh? And Hurley has funny lines?