Thursday, April 2, 2009

just filled out this survey (took forever)

3 things about me:

Three jobs (ANY 3) I have had in my life
1.customer service rep
2.Vacation Home Cleaner (in the Florida Keys-huge, beautiful, on the ocean homes).
3.clipping my grandma's nails ($2 a pop, booya!)

Three phrases you shout during the day:
1. Right Now! (impatience?)
2. Murphy, come here! (rinse and repeat)
3. PEACE! (this is my phone 'goodbye', and yes I shout it, although I don't think it's really a phrase).

Three phrases you wish you heard during the day:
1.I'll get that for you.
2.Sup, chubby?
3. Recycled plastic bottles, or organic sustainable?

Three things I would do with more money:
1. decorate my brand new lake home
2. Put my kids in private schools
3. spend till the money was gone

Three things I love to do without money:
1. nap (long ones)
2. fill up inflatable pools in backyard in summer
3. play super mario brothers (i'm just being honest)

Three things Im interested in:
1. Books on Asia (fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, autobiographies, biographies...)
2. decorating my house (no one else's)
3. my kids

Three things I do everyday when i wake:
1. pull my arm out from under Miyo, so I can get out of bed, while rubbing the gunk out of my eyes
2. Murphy's morning routine; peeing, dressing, brushing his teeth, putting on winter gear (currently), getting him outside for the bus (prying whatever food he has in his hands away so they'll let him on).
3. Diaper and clothing for Miyo, while making a pot of coffee (or recycling yesterday's) and overseeing Miles with his morning routine.

Three things I do everyday that I wish I didnt have to:
1. Wipe poop off of butts
2. wipe the bottom of my foot on my opposite pant leg to get the crumbs off of it
3.wash Miyo and Murphy's faces and hands after meals, and remind Miles to do it (more than once).

Three places I've lived
1.St. Paul
2. Minneapolis
3. Newport

Three places I'd rather live:
1. Chinatown, CA
2. Berkeley, CA
3. Seattle or Portland (either, cause they are so close together)

Three shows that I watch
1. Lost (the last two weeks have blown my mind, of course... I say that every new episode)
2. Ni Hao Kai Lan (Miyo is actually watching, but I'm usually around)
3. Secret Life of the American Teenager (it totally sucks, I know. but I loved when ricky picked up the baby next to a sleeping Amy in the season finale!)

Three movies I love to watch over and over:
1. Kill Bill I & II (you have to count them as one)
2. Royal Tenenbaums
3.Dr. Suess DVD's (I don't know about love, but if Murphy's on a binge of DVD's I prefer these to Baby Einstein or Finding Nemo).

Three of my favorite foods:
1.Pot Roast
2. Chinese: Cantonese & Mandarin/Vietnamese/Japanese... (I can't just choose one type)
3. Bananas (but I think I'm allergic-seriously-I get an itchy tongue after that lasts a long time)

Three things i do on my day off:
(from my kids? cause I don't do a 9 to 5)
1. go out to eat
2. sleep
3.stare off into nothing....

Three places I'd rather be right now:
1. Las Vegas (never been)
2. Mexico (never been)
3. watching my kids play in the summer sun (mmm...)

Three things i cannot live without
1. Ben
2. my babies
3. chapstick

Three items in your closet you need everyday to survive:
1. slippers
2. pajama pants
3. a bra

Three people you admire:
1. Nancy Morris
2. Alason McFarland
3. Nigella Lawson

Three people who message me regularly
1. shene
2. shene
3. shene
She knows I'm not really a text-er (I once lost my cell for 3 days and found it under Murphy's bed), so she never expects me to get it for sure- for sure.


Anonymous said...

a bra?! everyday?!

kasey said...

For survival? yes. what if someone knocks on the door?