Thursday, April 2, 2009

my favorite gift ever (don't stop trying guys)

Meet Konishiki and Takamiyama:
When we were at the wharf, before we boarded our boat for whale watching, we looked in the little shops. We went into this place that had tons of theme salt and pepper shakers. I saw these little-big guys (above). I showed Ben and, stupidly, asked if I could buy them (instead of just purchasing them). It doesn't take a cashier at McDonald's to figure out that he didn't want to waste our money on salt and pepper shakers (because he is a punk). I was disappointed, but told the shop lady I would be back. I let her know I planned on harping on him during our 2.5 hour boat ride. I figured he'd cave, or I would be a Jezebel and take matters into my own hands.
Well, while we were waiting at the pier, the gal we were staying with (for free), who shuttled us around the Bay Area (from Sausalito ,to Pittsburgh, to Monterey, to Berkley, to Chinatown...), handed me a package. She said, "Will you hold this?", and then did some things with her backpack. After a while I remembered I was holding it and I said something to the affect of 'oh, I've still got your bag, here you go'. She says all nonchalant, "That's yours." I officially fell in love with her, kinda like how I fell in love with these two (who magnetize at the belly to become one!).
So, yes, I'm now complete. I don't think anyone could be happier. Serious.

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