Wednesday, December 3, 2008

murphy says begabows/hamburger/poop

Ben grilled hamburgers when it was still nice out and Murphy took one look at it on his plate and said, "Poop." Then he stood up and left the kitchen.

Murphy's teacher Anne writes us notes each day from school. Yesterday he counted to 30! He can identify numbers also, but not all of them. He has been bossy at school, he will say a students name and then tell them what to do, like sit down or get down. He keeps on saying "begabows" for vegetables and its adorable, but I couldn't help take offense when he pointed at my face and said it laughing (j/k).

Last night it snowed, so this morning before school he kept eating the snow off the fingers of his gloves. Then he would pick up handfuls of snow and throw it over and over again onto Ben's freshly shoveled driveway. He throws it with a motion like a farmer who throws seed to chickens. The footprints point to a child's size 13 boot-so I know I am safe from speculation.

When he was in the bath last night Miyo threw a bunch of unrolled toilet paper into the water. He would scoop it up and mash it into balls and when Ben was cleaning it all out (I love you Ben, thank you) we looked up to the ceiling of the tub and there was dozens of large wet balls of t.p. sticking to it. It was so funny. It looked like the ceiling of study hall, but instead of little spit balls it was big wads and little wads, some weren't exactly round either, but he slapped them up there.

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kadyhexum said...

I. LOVE. HIM. (say it like on Raising Arizona.)