Monday, December 29, 2008

i stepped in a pile of shhhhhaving cream

Murphy was perfectly sanitary about all of this (to the best of a kid's ability not to get it anywhere). The little bit that got in his hair was Miyo touching him.
Miyo got it on the wall, the blinds, the curtains... and after clapping her hands a big clump got on Alason's shirt. When she touched her ponytails I made the mistake of laughing so she did it again.
And the biggest offender? Miles. This was a surprise. I thought he'd be the easiest, he is almost 9 and the oldest. After Alason and I got Murphy and Miyo into the tub, Miles showed up at the door to the bathroom with it everywhere, even on his feet. I followed the white footprints down the hall, towards the front door, through the kitchen, onto a chair, and up to the top of the counter.

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Sarah said...

You are the best mom in the world!