Friday, December 12, 2008

murphy; the evolution of crazy hair.

Murphy at 20 months, just 4 months before diagnosis (two months after pediatrician said he wanted to see if he made any more progress at his next checkup in developmental abilities).
Murphy age 3, the first year of preschool.

Murphy aged 4, in his second year of preschool.

Murphy in Kindergarten, age 5.

Murphy age 5, in the second half of his Kindergarten year.
For some reason on Murphy's picture days in Kindergarten, I forgot that it was picture day, so the first time, I rushed to school and gave them gel to do his hair and brought him a shirt. The second time, Ben sent him to school and I forgot to tell him. Anyway...maybe because he doesn't care what he wears in his pictures, like Miles does, he always looks quite disheveled. I love it.


kadyhexum said...

love it! so cute, and oh so crazy.

Sarah said...

I LOVE that Kindergarten picture! It's priceless!

prettiest sister said...

Is it just not in the teacher's or the photographer's job description to flatten out the poor boys hair before snapping the shot?