Tuesday, December 9, 2008

miyo is not good for the environment

This morning Miyo walked straight up to the garbage can and threw away a pacifier Kady bought in an emergency to have her spend the night. It isn't her brand and is too small, and she knows she has others. She is so deceptive too, she thinks I didn't notice and she was all quiet. I had asked her to throw away a crumb from her poptart that was on the kitchen floor, and she threw the pacifier instead. But there is a hole in her story: she left the crumb on the floor, and I heard something fall into the can. I am smarter, for now....

She just ran in singing, "Neber! Neber! Nebeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!" Which must be "never". Before that she was saying, "Seben, eight, nine." Now she is in Murphy's books pretending to read and being very animated. And she just walked in with his toy broom. Wow, she really goes from one thing to the next in 5 minutes.

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kadyhexum said...

She insisted on wearing/using that pacifier upside down. Which is kind of weird.