Tuesday, December 16, 2008

murphy and miyo love/miyo's friend is a hanger

Miyo is walking around this morning with a hanger. Yes, a clothing hanger, the kid's size plastic type, it's white. She dropped it and was like, "Are you okay? Are you okay?" She hugged it and patted it's back sadly, which was actually herself because it's a skinny hanger.

When Murphy leaves for school in the mornings she says, "Have a good day! See you. Bye bye!" When he comes home at night she says, "Miss you!" Then she tries to hug him, sometimes he hugs her back and sometimes he keeps walking, whether she's right in front of him, and in the way, or not.

The above pictures are the day he really discovered her existence. She was a couple weeks old. I had her in a chair and was taking pictures of her. He walked in the room and crouched next to her. He looked her straight in the eyes and started laughing. He looked her over and touched her lips, her nose, her eyes, her hands and fingers and feet. He put his arms around her and hugged her and smiled the whole time. She looked at him too, he was so close to her and they studied each other for like 2 full minutes. Not only did he notice her, but he liked her a little too. It was beautiful.


kadyhexum said...

These pictures are so sweet! I can't believe I haven't seen them before.

kasey said...

One of them is framed in her bedroom, and has been since I took it. So that is more weird than you think!

kadyhexum said...

I guess I only noticed the awesome bedding in that room?

prettiest sister said...

wow that is a little --shallow