Thursday, February 5, 2009

welcome to post #101

This morning I asked Miyo what she wanted to wear today and she said, "Umm... pants." She's very imaginative.
When I was getting in the shower she walked in the bathroom and said, "OH! I love you boobies!" I quickly jumped in the shower and shut the curtain saying, "That's creepy." And she said, "Yeah, creepy, yep!" By the way, Ben taught her boobies, not me.
All day she has been calling me "Mama Kade". When I am trying to make Murphy listen I sometimes call him Murphy Kade (his middle name; he's named after my sister Kady). So today, from Miyo, I heard a lot of: "Mama Kade, come here." I love that she was really trying to make me listen and being stern too.

Today we went to Old Country Buffet because Ben's parents came to town and treated us (thanks again, Howie and Carol!). There was a man dressed as a big bumblebee, the O.C. Bee (seriously). Anyway, I had to direct Murphy past him while he struggled to get free (refer to previous MOA posting). The whole time we ate I had to keep my arm around the back of his chair to head off any quick get away. When I got up for anything, Ben kept his hand on Murph's leg. Finally Tommy (Ben's adult nephew) took Murphy by the hand to go see the "big bug", "bumblebee". Murphy shook his hand and then wrapped the hand around himself while doing a 180 degree turn. Then took the other hand and got on the guy's feet. So the guy was behind him (or was it a girl under there?) with Murphy in it's arms (facing the same way, mind you) and standing on it's feet. This awkward move (what the heck was he doing?) went on for too long. All the while Ben's whole family (especially Tommy) and I were laughing hysterically. Then he grabbed the face and pinched it and slapped it a couple of times. Then the Bee gave him the sign for a high five, which Murphy very enthusiastically accepted: SLAP, SLAP, SLAPPING as hard as he could. The guy (or girl) shook it's hand in the air (the international sign for "Wow, that really hurt my hand!"). The poor guy! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Murphy make him completely uncomfortable!

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Hanna said...

I laughed so hard when I read that. Don't ever take Murphy to Disney World. Imagine how he'd react when he saw hundreds of Disney characters walking around. Or talking garbage cans or parades or any of the other stuff they have there. Now I really want to take him there just to see him beat up Winnie the Pooh.