Saturday, February 21, 2009

our family's 11 year anniversary

This is how we hid the Wii. We had to put balloons on the sensor bar on top of the TV, so Miles wouldn't walk in and know right away.
Here is Miyo's present and a box of Cherry Cordials (Miles' favorite) that we are pretending is his present.
Cookies I found at Kowalski's that are decorated so super cute in lieu of a cake (plus, I am making another pavlova today). The mommy/daddy presents are candy bars, so we would have something to unwrap for the kids (Miyo picked out Ben's). Turns out the kids didn't really care that much if we got anything.
Miles' face when he walked into the living room this morning (he woke up at 7:30 begging to go to the living room). I made him wait till 8am to wake his dad and I up (poor kid).
Miles unwrapping what he thinks is his present.
Miles pretending to not be disappointed with his chocolates, while Miyo's gift is bigger in the wrapping paper.
Miyo eating her butterfly cookie, "Dawissus!"
Miles biting into his dinosaur cookie, he loves it, but wonders why it's standing on "a turd?"
Miles is relieved to find that he is actually the proud new owner of a Wii, "I KNEW IT!"

Murphy is in Hutchinson, I sent along his cookie and Kady is going to tell me how he enjoyed it. His is an Ocotpus with bubbles coming up. I am going to have him unwrap his presents tomorrow. I will blog about Murphy day and have pics of him after he opens them. I'm kind of glad to get it done in two segments, it might be more enjoyable for him not to have to wait a turn, or be stressed by the other kids jumping around while he tries to figure out what the heck we care if he leaves the room.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! I remember making little candy filled champaign glasses for the wedding. Good times! Oh, by the way, I love pavlova so, when you coming this way again?! - Nik

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary, what a great post! I love the cherry cordial trick and I love Mile's face when he saw it. I also loved your videos, although I don't think you were fooling Miles for a second with the Wii. I think someone blabbed. I forgot how irresistibly adorable chatty little three year olds are. Oh, and LOL about the dinosaur standing on a turd!

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting floaty mess in your living room! Just kidding lol.

shanana said...