Friday, February 20, 2009

nigella are you there? it's me, kasey

Look at my new baby (I just got her last night), I named her Flour Power:
She made this possible:
Pavlova! This is pre-oven. I will be posting my results later. I cannot wait, I hope it turns out. I want to add that I have never made a meringue (in high school-13 years ago-I did one with 3 other people and a teacher). So I have no idea what I am doing. Thank goodness for the Internet and Nigella Lawson (my personal idol).
And I also did this (without Flour Power's help):
Yes, that is blobs of butter on top. This chicken will also be photographed and blogged about after it has been finished.
I even was smiling as I washed up the dishes afterwards. I cannot wait to whip cream for the pavlova!


Sarah said...

Flour Power! I love it!

kadyhexum said...

Happy for ya.

Now what the hell is pavlova?

kadyhexum said...

I meant, "Happy For Ya!"

word verification: sneer

kasey said...

It's Australian or from New Zealand. I saw Nigella make a chocolate one. So I googled it and followed a "vanilla" recipe. It's whipped egg whites with sugar and corn starch and vinegar. Then you bake it really low and it turns into a hard outside disc with a marshmallowy center. I am dying to try it tonight!!

Hanna said...

Why does everyone say their really short word verification? Mine are always super long, like now it is "ablegobi".

nance said...

yum yum! - flour power- sounds like a good book title for bread making.

prettiest sister said...

Who says money can't buy you happiness. I think everyone who loves to cook and is a good homemaker like you Kasey should have the proper tools!