Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Umm, hmm? Yoda, no, Battle On Daggoba."

Miles has been acting up in school so he is grounded from tv and video games for a week. It has been super cold/wet/muddy out and it gets dark at 4:30, so he has had less time outside too. It has been really cool to see him reconnect with some of his toys. He has elaborate set ups with his Star Wars and Transformers. And while I sit here and type I can hear him saying, in a deep evil voice, "Yes, yes, yes..." Then in a smaller high pitched voice, "What can it be? " Deep again, "Yes, yes..." High pitched, "What is it?" Deep, "Yes, yes...." Then his real voice yelling and mad, "Miyo, NO! Don't touch anything!" Back to his toys, "Master, are you okay?" He is going to really hate this blog if he ever discovers it's contents.
The title is what I asked Miles to name the picture. He just came back and told me he changed his mind, now he wants to name it 'Yoda, Battle on Yavin 4.'

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