Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miyo is a girl

Shene brought over some Nad's to "wax" off her forest-y growth. She was putting on the Nad's then putting on the strip and ripping them off and then reacting. It was hard to watch without tensing up. Miyo was around the whole time, but didn't seem to care or notice.

Kady and Alason and I were all crowed in my bathroom talking (Murphy was in the bathtub). Miyo came in and I set her on the counter between the sinks. I had a couple of Nad's strips that you can use for face or bikini area sitting on the soap dish. No one was really paying attention to Miyo, but Kady stopped and noticed. Over her pajama pants, Miyo put the little strip on her leg (without opening it to the sticky part) and pulled it quick into the air and said, "Ouch, ouch!"


Hanna said...

Gross! The picture on the thing doesn't look that bad but I clicked on the picture for a closeup and holy cow, that is so disgusting! You said forest-y, that is worse than forest-y.

I think Hanna also said...

i Though that was Miyoz leg. I was ready to say she takes after her mommy! but I won't give you that satifaction. I think she takes after Ben a great deal more. Sorry CASEY.
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