Tuesday, November 18, 2008

little baby sweetheart

Why is it that Miyo licks the peanut butter and jelly off and leaves the bread? Maybe she is watching her carb intake?

Tommy was reading Miyo a book, Ben saw the picture and asked if it was a baby dolphin. Miyo said, "Yah! Good job Daddy!"

I think I'm pretty unique in this, but I hate telemarketers. When they call I hand the phone to Miyo and walk away. Last night she finally listened to one and tried to hand me the phone when they asked for her mommy. I whispered, "No, it's for you." So she got back on the phone and talked again. Then she started yelling, "No! I talk on phone!" Hilarious.


mom said...

Love the red fingernails. Miss you guys.

Kim said...

I'm laughing so hard I can barely stand it. I'm taking a mini-break, but I went running out of my office to find someone to share this with, 'cuz it's so funny, but no one was there. Can you imagine that poor telemarketer? "Can I talk to your mommy?" "NOOOO!! I talk on phone!!"

prettiest sister said...

Kasey, I love your tatics!

Hanna said...

You are pure genius.

Kim said...

The only reason I'm commenting is because of the word verification. It's joiniene.

Do you hear that Karley? Kelly? Keri? Mom? JOIN IN!