Monday, November 3, 2008

Miles' mom is not carl

When Miles was 4 he told me there was a new word for cool and that word was carl.

This morning I was reminded that I am just not carl in Miles' eyes. As he was getting ready to head out the door for school I asked him for a kiss. He quickly gave me one, continued putting on his backpack and headed for the door. I told him that I loved him and I thanked him for the kiss (he is getting older and no longer enjoys giving me kisses, but does it anyway, what a nice boy). He says nothing, so I keep talking (everyone knows I can't stop, especially once I've started). I tell him that kissing him is one of my favorite things to do. Silence. I tell him I love him again. Silence. I ask him if he loves me (because apparently I am deperate). He opens the front door and says, "No time to talk." The door slams and he runs down the driveway. I can't help thinking he is avoiding me.


miles said...

Mommy, what does "deperate" mean? and what are you trying to write a novel or something? please get to the point quicker as I bore easily, mother.

kasey said...

I believe I said that Miles was a nice boy. He wouldn't say these things to me.

prettiest sister said...

Hey Miles eyebrows look just like Uncle Marc's.