Sunday, November 16, 2008

don't sweat it, yo.

I just got Miyo a free pair of brand new-never been worn-second hand Dr. Martens. Shene bought her a bunch of new clothes, and I found a pair of $2 leg warmers at Target. Anyway, I dressed her up in this get up and followed her around with the camera. She got sick of smiling and leaned against the couch all like, "What up?".



andrea schweikert said...

LOVE the face! She knows she's looking good.

Kelly said...

I hate this. Tell her to stop herself right there and stop growing until I see her again.

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anna said...

now that's a classic picture. I would frame it.

prettiest sister said...

Yessss! I knew that Pippy Longstocking is not fictional and she is a real live girl