Friday, October 17, 2008

What to write about, what to write? Let's start with Miyo.

I am going to blog so that my family from far away can get updates on my three growing kiddies. Miyo was just begging for a baby wipe, "Need a wipe. Wipe. Wiiiiipe!" So Ben gave her a baby wipe and she ran into her room and started cleaning one of her dolls' naked butts.

She is running around all the time. All day long she tries to change her clothes and shoes. In a small amount of time she will change into tap shoes I found at a second hand store and tap around pushing her baby in a stroller. Then she has on little ballet slippers Grandma Dianne bought her. Then she is in Miles' flip flops. If you visit our home expect not to be able to find your shoes, she will put them on and then discard them somewhere unknown.

She has hilarious spaced teeth with a little overbite like Grandma and Kelly (the overbite, not the spaces). And her hair is getting long. It is almost to her shoulders, and tonight I got everything but the bangs into a ponytail holder for the first time.

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Hanna said...

She is so cute! I miss her so bad. You should get her the dolls that you feed them stuff and then they pee and poop in their diapers and you have to change them. It would be hilarious.