Monday, October 20, 2008

nuts and gum, together at last

Okay, so I have been thinking lately that Ben and I are perfect for each other. I think maybe we truly are "meant to be". Soulmates, if you will. Anyway so we are cuddling in bed and I am saying why we are compatable and supposed to be together... blah blah... So I say to him, "If I were born a man would you still love me?" To which he says, "No." Plain as day without even pausing to think it through. So I, being who I am, get offended. Does he not feel the same way about me? Doesn't he love me? So I try a different approach. "Do you think we'd be best friends?" No lie, he says, "It depends on if you were funny or not." WHAT? We'd be the same people, I would be me, but a man, and he would be him. And he says, "Wellll?" So now I know I actually hate him, and was fooled into thinking I loved him at all. So he says, "What if I was born a woman?" And I say, "Ick, I like guys, I don't swing that way."


Hanna said...

Why would you get offended? I would have been worried if he said he would have still loved you.

may or maynot make sense said...

The old "got to have it my way attitude" is reserved for burger king or some stupid eatery. Not relationships.