Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Memory Lane

I am going through Miles' book that I've written in since I was pregnant with him (if I'm being honest it's actually the 2nd book, he's 8). Anyway... I have been reading all the funny things he has done and said and have been laughing to myself.

Funny Miles Quotes Age 2:
He brings me a minipad and says, "I wanna put on you butt."

He approaches me with a packaged tampon and says, "I wanna bite this." thinking it was candy.

Age 3:
He was sitting on my lap and he said, "Mama, I don't love you." I pretended to cry. He took my hands from my face and said, "Mama, I love you, but I don't want to be with you. It's a complicated 'motion." Obviously he was three and couldn't have come up with this on his own, but I still think it's funny he used it on me. (If you are wondering it is from 'Finding Nemo'.

Age 4:
"Why do you love me?" I tell him because I used to carry him in my belly. "Why did you eat me when I was in you belly?"
We were at McDonald's and I told him to go introduce himself to some kids at the playland so they could play together. He said, "But Mama, I'm K-F-U. It's called shy." This was his 'I'm into spelling' phase. He also said, "I'm B-R-A, Miles." Also, "This skittle is pink, S-H-I-T, pink."

He called Hilary Duff, "Hair-a-lee Dust". He called 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' "Johnny Boo and the Prisoner from Axban".

He got himself a spoon and said, "This is what I'm talkin' to!"
He came up to me with no shirt on and pointed to one of his nipples and said, "This button makes my eyes attack." Then he pointed to the other and said, "And this button makes me love you." Guess which one I pushed.

Once I said something to him and he kept saying what, then finally he put his hand behind his ear and said, "Speak of English."

We were watching 'An American Tale' and the are supposed to be no cats in America (hence the song 'There Are No Cats in America'. Well, when they get to America there are of course cats. Miles is upset by this and cries, "That is NOT America, Mom. That is NOT America."

Age 5:
Miles said he wanted Ben to copy him, so Ben said "You gonna coffee me?" Miles asked why he said coffee instead of copy? Ben told him that is what Miles would say when he was little, and Miles said, "Dada, it's a French thing."

This was the age where Miles informed us that if he ever has a kid he will name it "Master Peestoe." Heavy into Star Wars at the time.

"When I'm six can I FINALLY have a paper route?"

I don't want him to grow up.


kadyhexum said...

OMG I love him.

kadyhexum said...

Nut cup. Who could forget?

Hanna said...

How do you get Johnny Boo from Harry Potter? That is so funny! By the way I just felt a bump on the side of my face and went to pinch it and it was huge! It was one of the biggest pimples I have ever had. Kady would be jealous.

kasey said...

Oh, Hanna, I am so glad, you are commenting. I love you, you are so funny. I can't wait till we come up there. I really hope you can come down with us, I think you'll love the new place. The yard is really really big (for the cities). It is 4 times bigger than the old yard.

kadyhexum said...

Hanna, do you have a digital camera or a video camera? Can you make sure next time you pinch one of your awesome zits to record it for me?

Love Auntie Zit Lover

A Japanese Proverb said...

is THAT why you bound their feet. let them grow. LET They're FEET and TOES GROW! Grow chil ren grow. Let's make some noise. You grow child grow. I ___ the one wearing my green apron! yyyyyzzzzzz yyyyyyyzzzzzzz yyyyyyzzzzzz! Rated C for CHILREN and their right to grow up.


Not really a Proverb, sorry.