Friday, October 17, 2008

Miyo's new room

I am excited. Miyo has a big girl's bed. So Shene sewed her a new reversable bed spread, curtains and pillows. Now she has a perfect little bedroom that she will probably take for granted because she doesn't know what it's like to grow up in South Falls Apartments (which were low income-white trash) with government cheese and co-op powdered milk.
Speaking of my childhood: does anyone realize how uncute and not wonderful Cabage Patch kids are. I wanted one with all my heart and soul, didn't even have a real doll but I reached for the stars with my hopes and dreams. Everyone else had one, even some of the other white trash kids in So. Falls Apts whose parents wasted money on cigarettes instead of fruits and vegetables, but could still afford to buy their daughters My Little Ponies. Even next-door Jason Mastin had his room full of He-man toys, and his little sister Jolene had all the She-ra accessories.
Then finally one day my dad brought home a Cabage Catch doll (literally 4 or 5 years after still wishing for one). It was naked and dirty and scuffed and had a shoelace around it's neck. My dad said he found it in the dumpster. Thanks Dad.

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Hanna said...

Her room is so cute! I have paper lanterns in my room now too. In target in the dollar section they have had tons of asian stuff lately, so I got paper lanterns.