Friday, September 4, 2009


I have just been informed by the school principal that Murphy will be in Anne Mehr's classroom! I am in a musical, I am walking on sunshine!

Murphy is getting what he needs! Murphy is going to continue to progress and with only the small payment of the school now knowing me as a "squeaky wheel" or "big bitch", but I don't care, my son is getting what he deserves!

I told Ben after I called him crying with joy that Murphy is getting what we (Murphy and our family) want. I told him I feel guily that I made a fuss, and that I feel like I maybe ruined things for other people. He said, "Who cares! Murphy NEEDS this." He was so on my side and proud of me (even though I have been balling on and off for all afternoon yesterday and last night and this morning). And I'm even tearing up now, my boy, my Murpharelli finally gets what he deserves! The Best! Thank you God, thank you Director of Special Education, thank you Principal Tom Idstrom, you did the right thing!

Our family will continue to fight autism and Murphy will not backslide, it's not even a question.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mama Bear! Don't spend your time worrying about the other kids, that's THEIR parent's job. You did what needed to be done for YOUR child which is YOUR priority. Big ups to you! Love, Jacqui

Devey Dahlheimer said...

Hey there Kasey! I was just reading your blog...stumbled on it when I googled myself! (lol)

Am so glad to hear that Murphy is getting what he needs and is succeeding! You go girl! Never back down and always fight for your little man! And definitely don't feel guilty for it!

Hope all is going well. Haven't had time to read everything on your blog, but will try to catch up when I have more time!

Take care and keep fighting!