Friday, September 4, 2009

my email response to social worker's email

It is supposedly the same program and attached to the same room. Several students moved out of the program and they had to do some rearranging to fit classes equally. I talked to the Director of Special Education and she is calling the school principal to see if there are any reasons for the move they are not telling me. She says that she may not be able to get what I want, but she is looking into it.

My specific problem is that Annie is Educated and Certified in Autism and Murphy knows her, talked about her all summer, and brought him out of the worst symptoms. The teacher they are moving him to is not Certified in Autism but in EBD, which I think Murphy doesn’t need as he has had a teacher that specialized in that before and it was one of the worst years of our lives. I told the Director that I realize we aren’t the only family to consider, but I want to try anyway. If there is no way to get into his old classroom after she looks into it, I will let him enter the class, but I will be comparing progress reports and him getting off the bus at night seeing his overall attitude and whether he will even get on the bus in the morning willingly.
Thank you for your quick response.

PS: I’ve called PACER before and they couldn’t help me get everyday kindergarten, I doubt they can help me now. Plus having the Director of Special Education directly on the phone today makes me feel they are taking me seriously and actually looking into the situation.

Thanks again,

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