Wednesday, September 23, 2009

miyo and her neighborhood "family"

We live across the street from a retired couple. Their daughter moved in with her twins, a boy and a girl, until she can move into her new townhouse. Miles obsessively plays with them and sometimes Miyo goes with too. She calls (yells, screams, pick the word you like) across the street, "Grampa! What are you doing?" He says what he's doing and then says, "What are you doing Squirt?" and she says, "I don't know?" It's their ritual. She calls his wife "Gramma" and yells at me, "Take me across the street, to Gramma, RIGHT NOW!" Now she's even calling the daughter/mother, "Mommy". She sees her drive away in her car and she yells, "Bye, Mommy!" I hope she doesn't stop loving the people she lives with. I imagine her calling us Kasey and Ben, and my parents Hal and Dianne, and Ben's parents Howie and Carol.

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