Wednesday, September 2, 2009

miles grows up

Today I said to Ben "What a hermaph." I don't remember about what, sorry for name calling. Miles was within earshot and said something about "that's like comparing agnostics with atheists". And we laughed and then asked if he knew what the difference between them were. He totally knew the answer (he said it was due to his Uncle John's telling him about it). Anyway, I asked Miles if he knew what a hermaphrodite was (he had caught me saying it, so I thought I better fix it by explaining it and warning him not to call people that (like his mother just did))? So Ben told him it was having both sets of private parts. To make it clearer, because that is who I am, I said, "It would be like having a vagina behind your penis and/or balls. Can you imagine that?" Ben said to me "Yes." Again Miles heard, and responded to his father, "You already do."

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