Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one of the world's nastiest hotels

In front of the entrance we were asked for change by a homeless woman and saw a 6'5" "woman" with the build of a Harlem Globe trotter.
Warnings of damages and fees for visitors: $30! (prostitutes?), and you were only allowed one at a time:
Need to rest your tired feet? Comfortable bench available with only minimal amounts of disease!
Need glamour in your life? Try this elevator:
What's that you say? Oh, you don't enjoy running water on the floor behind the toilet? Best not flush! And if you are going to be a while, no leaning back, or you just might puncture a kidney.
I swear when we walked in the lobby, I heard doves cry.
Here's a "lounge" located on the floor of your room for your convenience:


kadyhexum said...

OH MY GOD, that is totes scary!

Ben said...

I think it was more gross than scary.

Mom said...

6'5" ex harlem globe trotter.........hmmmm.....I always wondered what became of them.

kadyhexum said...

who would SIT in those chairs? Let alone LOUNGE?

kasey said...

I imagined waking to find a heroin addict passed out in one with a needle still in his arm.