Monday, March 9, 2009

when does this stage end?

Miyo and Murphy cleaned off the top of the boys' bookshelf. Miyo now uses it as her reading corner. I'm seriously growing tired of this girl's dirty-destructive-Wreck-of-the-Hesperus phase.
Here is some of the things she has done to me in the last three days:
-painted the kitchen counter with a can of pepsi mixed with a jar of Nestle strawberry powder (when told that her mother was very mad she responded, "I just dropped it.")
-pooped in the bathtub
-scooped the contents from a large bowl of dip onto the floor
-ate poptarts and fried wontons in between the sheets of my bed
-painted the hallway and entrance of her room in yogurt
-smashed a banana on the floor of Miles' and Murphy's room (which, as you can see, from the picture above was full of books, clothes and toys
-squished her sushi rolls between her hands and painted the counter with it (sticky rice/eel/seeweed)
I'm sure there's more. And yes, I try not to let her leave the kitchen with food. Yesterday I saw a little boy fall and cry at Walmart while horsing around. I felt bad at first that his parents weren't running to him to hug him and kiss him. That is until I noticed their tired worn out faces. They had nothing left to give-he'd already sucked it all out of them. LOL.


Sarah said...

Isn't pooping in the bath the worst? When my kids used to do it we would scoop it out with a certain slotted spoon and since then we have, of course, disposed of the offending spoon, but got another one that looks just like it and we still can't bring ourselves to use it because it looks just like the poop scooper.

kasey said...

HAHAHA! Gross.