Tuesday, March 17, 2009

miyo stinky pants

Funny Miyo quotes:

While holding up my bra in front of her self while her face was aghast, "OH MY GOD!"

We turned a corner in the van and a bag of groceries fell and spilled in front of her in her car seat, she said, "For God's sake!"

(I'm starting to realize I need to censor myself, just now while typing, not a second sooner.)

"I'm so freakin' tired." (Yes, she actually said this).

Ben was telling her that she needed to be good and he was saying, "You are not the boss, I am the boss!" And she, crying and yelling, repeated, "I not the boss! You the boss!"

She was sitting with a content and happy Uncle Jim on the couch cuddling. She looked at him and said, "You crabby." He loved this statement.

When she wants to go to the Playplace at McD's, she says, "I want go to McDonald's have a farm."

She sings constantly. Especially while trying to fall asleep. Dora, Kai Lan, Backyardagains...
She has two play microphones, but real ones are more interesting to her, even though she doesn't get the concept of her voice becoming louder from it.
Her new favorite thing is water with ice in it. Last night in the middle of the night, "I want water with ice in it. Go get it." I said, say please. "Please." And that is the segway for my last quote from Miyo:
She was in the boys' loft bed and wouldn't come down. Exasperated, I sternly say, "GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" While climbing up and grabbing her foot and pulling her to where I can reach her and carry her down. She cries and screams, "SAY PLEASE!"

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Sarah Lindahl said...

Oh my god, I think you have Kira's clone! Kira used to climb Sam's bunkbed and I remember the struggle to get her down, and it was exactly like you described. I remember one time I had to peel her off the bed and then as I was taking her to her own room, and she was clutching at the walls she yelled out, "'NIGHT YAM!" (goodnight Sam)like I was taking her off to the electric chair or something.