Thursday, May 14, 2009

my whole neighborhood smells wonderful

We have an excess of floral trees in our neighborhood. I clipped the Lilac from a tree in our backyard. I also clipped some of the neighbor's tree limbs that were hanging into our yard to put in a vase. I hope they don't mind. They were just too pretty to resist. Our kitchen and dining room smell so incredibly good!


Sarah Lindahl said...

It's hard to believe we live in the same state. It was sprinkling snow here this morning, and even as I'm writing this my fingers are so cold they are turning to arthritic claws.

kasey said...

ahahaha! i feel bad, but i did my northern minnesota time. j/k if ben could get a job in duluth, i would move in a second.

nance said...

I just cut some lilacs as well. Im so happy to be alive! As opposed to my winter self, when I say argg I want to die.