Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial day weekend at willow river

Dexter, Jacob (boy from campground), and Miyo on swing, with Miles pushing

Murphy climbing the wrong way up the slide

Murphy's favorite activity: tossing sand
Miyo at the beach

We had a really great time camping for Memorial Day weekend. I didn't take any shots of the secluded campsite (the best we've ever had). We went with Alason, Dexter, Mason, Tommy and Kim. It was a lot of fun. Regular run of the mill sitting around the fire, flashlights for kids, dirty feet, tent sleeping. Murphy cried tears of sadness when we started packing up the site. He got in the back of the van and sobbed, "We are all done." While we've been home, he has smiled and laughed and said, "Camping!" about 300 times. I can't wait to take him again. Miles loved it too, he had a good time with Mason and Dexter, I think we should go with other kids from now on; lots to do with friends. Miyo loved following them around and telling them what to do. Murphy was filthy from head to toe (evidence in his hand prints on everyone's shirts and skin when he touched them, ha ha). Tommy and Kim took tons of pics, so I will be adding some good shots, when I get some copies.

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