Friday, May 15, 2009

miyo has an excuse for everything

Miyo pooped a little bit in her Hello Kitty underwear before coming to me and telling me she had to go. I put her on the toilet and she was very upbeat, saying, "You are happy I poop on toilet!" I told her that I wasn't happy, because she pooped a little in her pants first. To which she sadly looked down and said, "I was having a hard time."


Sarah Lindahl said...

Hey, not pooping in your pants is hard. When Sam was learning I caught him pushing a big one out in his pants while hiding under the dining room table. When I asked him what happened with the no-more-pooping-in-our-pants plan, he said, "Grandpa Chuck did it."

kasey said...

LOL! I bet he was shocked that you didn't believe him.

kadyhexum said...

Chuck does poop other people's pants. I've seen it.

p.s. Ben Hanson's joke that makes me DIE:
When he farts he says, "who pooped my pants?"

kasey said...

it worked for him once. he pointed to right behind his butt and said, "it smells really bad right here." and he made a grossed out face. the dog happened to be close to that area, and his mom yelled, "buffy! get out of here!"