Tuesday, May 5, 2009

miles + creativity = hilarity

Miles did an Arbor Day project at school. He and the other students had to make posters. The winning poster was laminated and mass produced and sent home with students and will have a ceremony at the Eagan Arbor Day celebration. Eagan is the self-proclaimed Tree City, USA. Anyway, this year the winning poster's catch phrase was, "Every Tree is Unique", a fourth grade girl won. Another year I think it must have been, "Trees: A Joy Forever".

Miles' poster's catch phrase, "1 + 2 = tree". Yes, he came up with it all on his own. I laughed so hard I could barely get the words out, on the phone, to tell Ben. He's going to go places when he grows up. Yes sir.


Sarah Lindahl said...

LOL! I love that kid, that is such a good one!

kadyhexum said...

Dumb girl won. Stupid.

Hanna said...

hahahahaha!!! I think Miles should have won!