Thursday, February 3, 2011

miyo's getting as funny as miles

Miyo was standing by the toilet with her pants around her ankles and I teased, "I saw your tush!" She responded, "You didn't too!"

She asked me what happens if you don't blink, and so I went into a long speech about eyes needing moisture, blah blah blah... they would dry out... And then she said to me, "I bet you die too."

Miles and I (I, under a little duress) listen to KDWB with Dave Ryan in the morning on his way to school. Gary Spivey (sp?) was being promoted and he was asking me what's up with that guy? I laughed with him and was saying something about Gary saying he's taking bad spirits out of people. Miles says in a southern accent (channeling Gary), "Up to 200 now." If you have never heard of Gary Spivey (sp?) or his stuff, it's not funny. But if you have...

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