Friday, December 11, 2009

miles is still hilarious

Yesterday, while walking towards my white van, I thought I read "car" written in the black salty crud us Minnesotans have on our cars all winter. I laughed, not really getting it, but remembering how fun it was to write on cars (don't let Hal (my dad) catch you).

Then I was waiting in the driveway this morning, with Murphy, for his bus to come. In Miles' hand is written, "Carter, I'm inside." I laughed so hard. It's hilarious to me that, 1. he thought Carter would look at the side of my vehicle for a message. 2. That Carter would notice it at all. And/or, 3. Maybe they actually planned it out, "I'll leave you a message on my mom's van..."


Kelly said...

LOL. You should leave him a message. Miles wash the van, Mom.

kasey said...